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A very merry christmas indeed.

The relationship between Eiri-kun and myself finally turns out the way it should have been, had I not been killed by him accidentally almost a decade ago. His identity as Yuki Eiri had been nothing but a mistake from the start. I only correct what I did wrong before. Now we are finally happily together again.

I gave him some suggestion about writing the other day. He blushed when I pointed his careless mistakes out to him - he was so cute when he was unsure of himself. Then he and I snuggled and watched TV together. (not literally, but since I still reside in the TV set, that should be close enough for us, for now)

That should be the way how he leads his life: happy, contended and guilt-free. His conscience of killing me had shattered his world. So he should just forget everything, and start a brand new life with me again, now that I am back. He did not remember anything about that fateful night in New York, or any events afterwards. I rescued him from the painful memories.

Like I repeated so many times before, I want nothing but happiness for my Eiri-kun. And I have succeeded eventually.

I had him thrown the pinkhead punk away from the apartment. I told him to unplug the telephone cord from the wall after the fifth call from his sister. A most annoying and persistent woman, that she is. When Seguchi came over to the door to bother us, we pretended that we were not home. We are quite happy in our own world, thank you very much.

Eiri-kun and I do not need anyone to meddle in our business. Soon he will join me in eternity. Isn't it beautiful?
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