Kitazawa Yuki (the_real_yuki) wrote,
Kitazawa Yuki

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I missed Eiri-kun. I called him several times but he never answers his phone anymore.

What's irritating is that the pinkhead kid isn't around in the company either. Have they eloped together? How dare they! @.@ He is gone the moment when I have the authority to do as I please with him too. So I fired his sister instead.

Yoshiki has been most helpful to me to stop my "wife" from getting at me. I don't know how else I can thank her, so I gave her a 500% wage increase.

This is nothing wrong to use your power properly when you are given the opportunity, right?


Must sign off now! I just saw Eiri-kun walked into the N-G Building from my close-circuited TV! How cute, he has come to visit me after all. Must meet him now so bye. n_n
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