Kitazawa Yuki (the_real_yuki) wrote,
Kitazawa Yuki

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Just when I thought I had hit the low point of my afterlife, a little fish came to my rescue and turned the net around.

A little blond fish called Seguchi Tohma.

Yes, I hate his guts, but who will say no to a living body when he offered himself so willingly?

He was alone when he came by to check things out in Eiri-kun's old apartment. When he was examining the abandoned TV set, I took the opportunity to take control of his body.

Do you know how wonderful it is to actually type this entry with real HANDS? I feel almost alive again.

Speaking of hands, why would Seguchi wear a pair of black leather gloves when it isn't that cold outside? This guy has absolutely outrageous fashion sense. I feel ashamed to walk around in a bowler hat.

Let me use his credit cards to buy myself some jeans and T-shirts now. I cannot see Eiri-kun again in circus clothes.

I am the luckiest ghost a-dead on earth!
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